Robyn August director

"I'll def let you know about any future shoots - you kicked ass!"

(regarding my work as art director on the goth-rock band New Years Day music video.)


Andrew Burn director of photography

" Ken's remarkable talent and attention to detail really helped bring our film 'Slaw' to life. His set design was inspiring and certainly took the film's artistic vision to a higher level. I would be honored to work with Ken again and again."


Neil Artlett producer

"...if you don’t hear from me, it’s because of a job well done.  Your work was exceptional, thorough, and ultra timely – and it was a real pleasure working with you.  Thanks for all of your hard work on this one – you hit a home run for us.


(regarding scouting locations for his music festival)

Neil Artlett, Account Supervisor

BFG Communications

Atlanta, GA


Liz Dewitt marketing guru

“Working with Ken has been a wonderful experience. He makes everyone (on the shoot) very comfortable.  While he really excels in making the tough shot – beautiful – I especially appreciate his problem-solving skills.  Ken does not seem to think anything is impossible. Since Ken’s creative talents expand beyond photography, he brings a multitude of skill sets to whatever assignment is at hand. He is one of those people who can be counted on to make it happen.”


Anji Williams english teacher, L. A. School Dist.

"Curtis Harrington had written a script that he wanted to be his final film, which he never lived to see produced.  One day, over lunch, he told me that he had written a scene that included the ghost of a burlesque dancer that had been part of a show that he'd snuck in to see when he was still a boy.   He had tears in his eyes as he described to me the memory of seeing this actual woman some 75 years before - her white skin, the blue light, the white doves. 
When Curtis passed away, I wanted to bring that memory of his to life as a tribute to a person for whom I had such deep admiration.  Ken Heusey, who was to have directed Curtis's film, brought this vision to life as magical still image.  Along with the help of a brilliant magician (Joseph Tran), a great make up artist Jorge Sandoval,  two genius assistants (Louella Boquiren & Luke Lauter) and a neighborhood boy (Landon Ackerman), we realized Curtis's vision."

Ashley Lopez mom

"Mr. Heusey has a wonderful sense of creativity.  He effortlessly captures beauty and wonder in all of his images.  He photographed my children and I was blown away by his artistic ability and the attention to detail that he gives to all of his images.  It truly was a magical experience with a remarkable ending!"